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META Tags and Meta Tag Development

Did you know that key words in your meta tags (in the HTML script of your site) are an important reference that search engines use when ranking web sites for search relevancy? While not as important as they used to be, META keyword and description tags are still vital to include within your HTML code, to provide search engines with as much information as possible about your site content so they can index it correctly. Optimizing your site meta tags for search engines ensures that the site has a better chance of ranking highly for particular words or phrases that you would expect potential visitors to type in to search engines to find your site.

Consider This :
It is estimated that only 30% of web sites make use of META tags to assist their search engine ranking*.

For example, if you are a florist, you should have logical search keywords such as “flowers”, “bouquet”, “roses” and even target search terms such as “weddings”, “Valentine’s Day” etc integrated in your META keyword tag. That way, if anyone types in those words in a search engine, your site is more likely to appear higher in the search results. Even more important these days is the META description tag. This is often what search engines will display in their index to describe your site to potential visitors, so it is worth taking the time to prepare carefully.

What do META tags look like? These tags usually appear under your page title between the <head> tags of your web site's HTML code. Below is a fictional sample:


<title>Miami Florists - beautiful floral creations made to order.</title>

<meta name="description" content="Miami Florists create beautiful floral bouquets, arrangements, tributes and displays for all occasions, including weddings, Valentines Day, parties and corporate events. Deliveries throughout Florida.">

<meta name="keywords" content="flowers, roses, weddings bouquets, florists, floral arrangements, flower deliveries, Valentines Day gifts, Christmas decorations, Mother's Day, tributes, wreaths, clutches, sprays, in sympathy, funerals, corporate functions, parties, floral displays, Miami, Florida">


Need Professional META Tag Creation Services?

As part of our own search engine optimization services, Web Rank will conduct extensive research on what keywords people are typing in to search engines to find products and services similar to yours, using WordTracker. We will then work with you to finalize a list of target search terms, then perform meta tag creation and integration to include these key words and phrases. We will prepare and test a site title tag, a META keyword tag and a META description tag that are not only highly relevant to your site but are also designed for maximum performance on the major search engines.





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To test the meta tags, we use specially designed analysis software that shows us how well your site will rank on various engines post-optimization. If you have existing meta tags that aren’t performing, we can even provide a search engine compatibility report or a free search engine ranking report and give you suggestions on how to improve your search ranking. 

Depending on how relevant your existing content is, we will also perform copywriting edits to the text on your site to include your target search terms. This would be performed by our experienced copywriters who are well trained in marketing techniques and would weave the terms carefully throughout your site so as not to disrupt the natural flow of writing. 



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