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  Guiding your site to the top of the search engines | 14 May 2004 - Vol 4 Issue #3  

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Online Search Engine College Launched

Google Shares the Wealth via IPO

NineMSN Dumps LookSmart, Signs Overture

Google to Launch Free Web-Based Email

WebTrends Owner to Acquire WebPosition

Online Search Engine College Launched

Institution to offer tutor-supervised and self-study online courses

13-May-03 - A new online training institution offering instructor-led short courses and downloadable self- study courses in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing subjects was launched today.
Search Engine College is the brainchild of search engine optimization industry expert Kalena Jordan of Web Rank Ltd who, for the past eight years, has been optimizing the web sites of clients to help them achieve higher search rankings.
Kalena, who teaches the SEO courses for the new institution, recognized a gap in the market for an online training facility where persons could learn search engine optimization techniques and other search engine marketing subjects from experts in the industry:
"I was constantly being asked the same questions by webmasters about how to make their sites search engine friendly", she says. "I was also asked if I knew of any online institutions that offered courses in search engine optimization. I didn't, so my industry colleagues and I decided to create one. Now anyone with a PC and an Internet connection can go and learn this stuff for themselves, no matter where they are in the world."
Search Engine College courses are aimed at a wide target audience, including marketing executives responsible for promoting their company's web site via search engines, small business owners wanting to learn how to market their own web sites via search engines and students or unemployed persons wanting to learn how to optimize web sites for search engines in preparation for starting their own search engine optimization business or applying for a job in the lucrative search engine marketing industry.

Kalena's colleagues at Search Engine College include well-known industry experts Dan Thies, Bob Gladstein, Karon Thackston, Chris Dimmock and Kimberly Krause. These tutors all have extensive search engine marketing experience and are highly qualified to lead students through the course material. Subjects available for study at SEC include search engine optimization, pay per click search marketing (including how to manage advertising campaigns on Google AdWords and Overture), web site usability, keyword research, link building and web site copywriting.
Search Engine College is a truly global concept. Tutors hail from the world over, including the U.K., New Zealand, U.S.A. and Australia. Classes are held in various time-zones to accommodate both tutors and students. Course material is available via PDF downloads and students complete online quizzes each week to ensure they have successfully absorbed the course content.
No risky search engine optimization techniques or "spamdexing" methods are taught in the classes. Only those methodologies deemed acceptable to search engines, (based on webmaster guidelines published by the search engines themselves), are encouraged.
"I'm tired of seeing innocent companies get burned by unscrupulous firms claiming to be search engine marketing gurus and promising to submit their sites to 50,000 search engines. These are nothing more than backyard cowboys who play Russian Roulette with their client's sites", says Kalena.
"Unfortunately, this industry is full of such firms who propagate myth and legend by publishing information that is misleading, deceptive and often downright false. No wonder webmasters are confused when it comes to search engines. With the amount of incorrect information floating around out there, it is extremely difficult for newcomers to sort out fact from fiction. I'm hoping graduates of Search Engine College will address this imbalance".

All courses offered by Search Engine College use a holistic approach to web site promotion, focusing on the importance of web site design, functionality and usability as well as search engine compatibility. Students can choose to participate in tutor-led courses or download a self-study course to take at their own pace.
The College is currently accepting student registrations for their first intake of search engine marketing courses commencing in June.

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   Dear Reader,

In our last newsletter, I promised you a big announcement and here it is!
I am very pleased to announce the launch of Search Engine College, an online training institution offering instructor-led short courses and downloadable self-study courses in search engine optimization and search engine marketing. You can read all about it in this month's feature article. I look forward to seeing you all in class :-)

Enjoy this issue and remember to visit our daily Search Engine News Blog for the latest industry news and gossip.
Till next time - wishing you high rankings...

  • Google Shares the Wealth via IPO
  •   Google has ended speculation about whether they will file for an IPO by doing just that.
    The official filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission occurred on 29th April with their initial public offering seeking to raise a whopping 2.72 billion, making it the biggest ever IPO by an Internet company in the U.S. It is expected that much of the funds raised from the IPO will be injected back into product research and development, giving Google greater leverage against their major competitors Microsoft and Yahoo.
    The filing has required Google to reveal their income and revenue levels publicly for the first time. Last year the company earned a net income of USD 105.6 million on revenue of USD 961.9 million.
    The search giant plans to list shares on either the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq National Market with the share offering to be managed by Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse First Boston.

  • NineMSN Dumps LookSmart, Signs Overture
  •   Australian portal NineMSN have dumped LookSmart as their major search partner and struck a lucrative deal with Overture Australia for the distribution of paid search advertisements.
    The deal sounds the death knell for LookSmart in Australia as they exit the local search market following the sale of their Australian assets to Telstra-owned Sensis.
    "With Sensis now finalising plans for the launch of their new search platform together with ninemsn's decision to deliver pay for placement listings through its global partner Overture, LookSmart will now complete its exit from the Australian market", said Paul Siminsky, Chief Operating Officer for LookSmart.
    "Ninemsn has confirmed that they will continue to support our advertisers LookListings campaigns until May 21, thereafter our service will then be replaced by Overture".
    Sensis will be launching their own search platform across Australia in July.

  • Google to Launch Free Web-Based Email
  •   In the latest of a series of moves to knock rivals Microsoft and Yahoo out of the search race, Google has announced they will be launching a free web-based email service.
    The service, called Gmail, will offer users 1 gigabyte of free storage - 100 times what rivals currently offer. Gmail will also include a search option to allow users to search all their sent and received emails.
    With Google's current industry dominance offering a huge potential market for the free service, the move is sure to send Yahoo, Microsoft and other free email providers into a tailspin.

  • WebTrends Owner to Acquire WebPosition
  •   NetIQ, the owner and distributor of WebTrends web analytics software, has announced the purchase of WebPosition, the search engine optimization software arm of FirstPlace Software.
    WebPosition Gold consists of a range of software tools designed to assist webmasters to promote their websites via search engines. The product is used widely across the search engine marketing industry. WebTrends is an industry standards software product that measures and analyzes web site statistics.
    According to Carey Oster of FirstPlace Software, the deal will greatly benefit existing users of both products by providing more a comprehensive set of tools for web site promotion:
    "The combination of WebTrends powerful analytics, and WebPosition Gold, the industry's leading software for search engine optimization, will provide customers with the most comprehensive Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing solutions, enabling them to reach greater numbers of targeted Web visitors and accelerate their return on investment in online marketing."

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