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  Guiding your site to the top of the search engines... | 31 May 2006 - Vol 6 Issue #5  

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Feature Article: Attract Buyers With Power Words

FAQ1: How do I display AdSense ads relating to a particular theme?

FAQ2: How can I get my good Google ranking back?

FAQ3: Why was my AdSense account cancelled for no reason?

FAQ4: Why does Google list one of our sites but not the other?

Feature Article: Attract Buyers With Power Words

By Leva Duell
Power words elicit emotions and create visual pictures in your readers' mind. Here are twenty of the most important words that have proven to attract attention, motivate prospects to buy, and increase sales.
Use them in your headlines and copy of your sales materials and web site.
~ Free trial offer.
~ How to generate free online traffic.
~ Do you want to get out of the rat race?
~ Do you want to make serious money?
~ New material never before shared in public.
~ In this article, you'll discover resources that will help you generate more profits.
~ Find out how you can start in this amazing home business today!
~ Listen to what customers say about these breakthrough techniques.
~ Find out the hottest new Internet marketing breakthroughs.
~ Get the latest techniques to developing your web site.
~ Three proven ways to get people to open your emails.
~ A proven technique that will generate sales and profits for your web site automatically.
~ Guarantee yourself a top ranking on Google.
~ Marketing expert reveals powerful marketing strategies guaranteed to increase your profits.
~ Our system is backed by a 100 percent zero risk guarantee.
~ Seven distinct ways to make money online.
~ Four key ways to make money with an ezine.
~ Top 10 ways to develop a successful web site.
~ 10 top ways to make your web site more effective immediately.
~ Secrets of keyword placement that only the pro marketers know.
~ 10 inside secrets of profitable home businesses.
~ If you want to get in on this rare home business opportunity, you need to act now!
~ Pick up your phone and call now! Go on... do it right now!
~ 22 ways to save time promoting your web site.
~ The techniques you'll discover in this report can save you a small fortune.
~ How to write compelling copy to attract more people to your web site.
~ How to attract buyers' attention with compelling headlines.
~ How to use e-mail marketing to increase your web profits.
~ 4 easy ways to order.
~ You get an easy-to-follow marketing guide.
~ 7 easy ways to increase sales -- fast.
~ Free report reveals how to boost traffic and increase your sales on the Internet.
~ Master marketer reveals seven top ways to make money with your web site.
~ An insider's guide to top search engine ranking.
~ Insider secrets to your own million dollar Internet business.
~ 10 marketing tips for online success.
~ A blueprint for your online success.
~ Secrets on how to design a web site for success!

Use these power words when writing headlines and content for your sales materials and web site. They will attract attention and convert more prospects into buyers.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About the Author
Leva Duell runs a successful promotional business from home. Looking for typing work at home? Start a secretarial business. The Secretarial-Business-in-a-Box provides instant tools you need to start and run a successful secretarial service. Free articles and business start-up newsletter also available.

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   Dear Reader,

It's been a busy and exciting month for us here at Web Rank and Search Engine College. After years of working primarily from a shared home/office, my husband Jerry and I decided to bite the bullet and convert our existing two bedroom premises into office space and move into a larger residential home.
Our new office is bright and sunny and makes for a much more pleasant work environment than the downstairs garage we were using. Plus, now I have to leave the computer at the office, maybe I'll be forced to work sensible hours instead of the 14 hour days I've been putting in! At least the new receptionist/admin assistant we'll be hiring next month should help keep me sane.
The other exciting event happened last week, when we won a prestigious contract to provide search engine consulting services to an arm of the Australian government. It's all hush hush at the moment, so I can't say any more than that, but hopefully you'll hear about it in a few months time.
Being so busy, I haven't have the chance to write an article this month, but a guest writer has kindly stepped into the breach on my behalf. Have you ever wanted to know what words make people buy? Well this month's feature article by Leva Duell reveals 20 of the best-known "trigger" words that advertisers and marketers use in their most effective campaigns.
For those of you running pay per click campaigns, these words can mean the difference between your ad being clicked on or being ignored. If you have a look at successful landing pages, you'll also see plenty of these words scattered about. So implement them in your own campaigns and watch your conversions skyrocket!

Enjoy this issue and remember to visit the daily Search Engine Advice Column to check out my answers to frequently asked search engine questions or submit one of your own.
Till next time - wishing you clicks and conversions...

  • FAQ1: How do I display AdSense ads relating to a particular theme?
  •    Dear Kalena...
    How does display AdSense ads about credit repair and mortgages?

    Dear Peepersmall
    AdSense is contextual advertising, meaning ads display that relate to the context of the content on the page you are displaying them on. While you don't have a lot of control over what ads appear, you can improve your chances of triggering ads about credit repair and mortgages by using articles or body text relating to these issues on your pages.
    Learn more from Google's own AdSense optimization tips. Also get some more ideas from my article Top 10 AdSense Tricks to Boost Your Commission.

  • FAQ2: How can I get my good Google ranking back?
  •    Dear Kalena...
    I ran across your Google AdSense article in SitePro News today. I plan on incorporating many of your suggestions and will keep you posted on my results. I started using AdSense about 2 weeks ago and have generated over $120. I'm not sure if that's considered reasonable, but I want to do much better!
    Also, my retail site, , was number 1 - 5 on Google for some of my main keywords up until late last year. I understand that Google did an update around that time. Additionally, I had a designer completely overhaul the design and functionality of the site. I'm not sure which one of these things, if not both, contributed to our falling completely out of any reasonable Google search results. On a good day, we may show up on page 17 for a keyword search for "LED Flashlights". Previously, we would have been in position #1 on page 1 of Google.
    Do you have any ideas about what we can do to get our ranking back? I was generating thousands in sales in a month, and then the bottom fell out. While we rank close to #1 for terms like "LED Flashlights" on MSN and Yahoo, it doesn't generate the traffic that Google did for us. I assume I have a lot more work to do on my linking strategy (one-way and reciprocal), among other things.
    I welcome any advice/comments you may have.

    Dear Caleb
    Thanks for the feedback on my article. I'd be interested to hear of your AdSense progress.
    Regarding your site rankings, I viewed your site and little alarm bells started ringing immediately. First of all, the site shows a Y! favicon suggesting that it is based on a Yahoo! Store template. Looking at your code confirmed this for me. Your site is actually using a Yahoo! CMS and is sitting on Yahoo! Name Servers. You can see the Yahoo! version of the URL for your site here:
    Now I don't know whether you have always used a Yahoo! Store template for your site, or whether it's a new thing for you, but I have heard a LOT of complaints from Yahoo! Store owners about the inability of their sites to attain high search engine rankings. Whether this is due to the fact the CMS is not as search engine friendly to index or because of the way the content is stored in a sub-domain, I'm not sure.
    If you have always had a Yahoo! Store, chances are that the re-design has triggered your site to be placed in the Google Sandbox. See this post for more information. If you haven't, then you might want to rethink using a Yahoo! Store and try a domain-based e-commerce solution instead.
    The good news is that Google has indexed 32 pages from the site and listed 48 backward links, plus you have a toolbar PageRank of 5 out of 10, so I don't detect any penalties. But you might want to rethink the tiny text in the navigation menu at the bottom of the page, as it might trigger some search engine spam filters.

  • FAQ3: Why was my AdSense account cancelled for no reason?
  •    Dear Kalena...
    You wrote in an article:
    "7) Place arrows or images next to your ads to draw attention to them. You can see two different versions on this search engine article library page - at the top (where a pointing hand directs your eye to the ad) and the bottom where 3 images draw your attention to each of the three AdSense ads."
    and Google banned one of my sites, their excuse:
    "Publishers are not permitted to encourage users to click on Google ads or bring excessive attention to ad units. For example, publishers may not use arrows or other symbols to direct attention to the ads on their sites, and publishers should not place ads in such a way that users are likely to inadvertently click on those ads."
    The funny thing is that was a text only site and all the adverts had the title "sponsored links"! So be careful cause they consider it wrong, just if you want to investigate the banned site is that was a exact copy of my other site only that the advert was inside the white square in the middle (the iframe). Do you see anything wrong? I don't but they just banned it!
    Sorry to bother you, I just wanted you to tell this to prevent more people to be banned for nothing.

    Dear Ana
    You are quite correct in that the use of arrows or symbols to draw attention to AdSense ads goes against Google's TOS. When I first wrote that article, I was not aware of this and it was not specifically mentioned in their AdSense program policies.
    But, like you, I received an email from Google advising me of the problem and asking me to remove them. I did so immediately and re-wrote my article to avoid confusion. See my recent blog post about the whole saga. Unfortunately, my article had already been picked up and syndicated by several sources and although I tried to alert as many publishers as I could about the revised article version, the old version is still floating around in places.
    When you say Google has "banned" your site, do you mean cancelled your AdSense account? From my understanding, Google should have given you 72 hours notice to comply with their AdSense policies before they cancelled your AdSense account. If you promptly removed any arrows or symbols within this timeframe, your account should have remained open. However, you mention the use of iframes with AdSense code - I believe that is against the AdSense program policies so that and the fact that you had two identical sites on two different domains showing AdSense ads has probably contributed to one of them being disallowed.
    If instead you mean your site has dropped from Google - if you had two sites with identical content, it is more likely that they are simply ignoring one of the sites, rather than having banned it entirely. The fact that both domains are showing a Toolbar PageRank of 4 out of 10 supports this theory.

  • FAQ4: Why does Google list one of our sites but not the other?
  •    Dear Kalena...
    We have two companies and two websites:
 has been listed on Google for around 4 years and comes up on searches, while has been live for around 9 months but is not coming up under the keywords Van Hire London. We have great success with Adwords but I would like to see cshire rank somewhere for organic search.
    We use the google sitemap tool. Google has indexed both our sites - has stats on visitors, page rank etc. cshire has 'no data available'.
    I am really baffled. Could this be the sandbox effect I read about? Or does google think that the two sites are the same (there really is no similarity in content).?
    What do you think?

    Hi Andrew
    Well both sites have been indexed separately by Google so they are not being treated as one site. 1) has a Toolbar PageRank of 2 out of 10, plus 2 backward links and 29 pages indexed, while 2) has a Toolbar PageRank of 3 out of 10, plus 1 backward link and 19 pages indexed.
    You don't mention what search terms 1) can be found for but "Van hire London" is pretty competitive so your site would unlikely rank high for this term without much better PageRank and link popularity. Also, if the second site is only 9 months old, then it could well still be suffering Google's aging delay. Keep building those links while you wait. Patience is a virtue!

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