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  Guiding your site to the top of the search engines... 30 April 2007 - Vol 7, Issue #4  

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Product Review:

Submit Suite - Article Submitter

FAQ1: Why won't Google index my web page?

FAQ2: Why does my site rank in MSN and Yahoo but not Google?

FAQ3: Can you give advice to an SEO beginner?

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Product Review:

Submit Suite - Article Submitter

By Sarah Parker
Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is a great way to build an online profile and to increase traffic to your web site. However as many of you know, the article submission process can be time consuming. Here at Search Engine College we generate and receive a high volume of quality articles each month. So you can imagine we were interested to take up Cristina Mailat's request to review Fastlink2's latest product Submit Suite - Article Submitter.
Product Features:
Article Submitter can submit an article to over 640 article directories in a matter of hours. The author information/profile page contains all the fields required to sign-up and submit to each article directory in the database. New article directories are added all the time and an update can be downloaded quickly and easily with each use.
The article submission process is semi-automated which means a directory can be selected from the database manually or can be selected according to page rank and category. A drop-down menu containing a list of categories is provided for each article directory. This ensures that each article is published in the most relevant category available.
Main benefits:
The submission of an article to multiple directories at once, saves a large amount of time. Once all necessary information regarding a particular article is entered into the fields provided, that article is ready for submission to any directory in the database. There is no need to reformat each article to suit individual submission requirements.
The database is updated with new directories regularly, so scouring for new ezines and article directories is no longer necessary. If a directory you like is not on the list, it can be submitted for consideration via a direct link to Submit Suite from the main user interface. And just as others benefit from you finding a new directory to submit to, you benefit from the research of others all around the world.

Possible limitations:
At this stage the software is designed to submit articles by one author only. There is no multiple author/profile tool. However Fastlink2 indicated later editions of this product will have a multi-author profile capacity. Submission is limited to one article at a time, and an article cannot be scheduled for future posting.
Article Submitter records where each article has been posted but does not save the article content itself. This is not really an issue as presumably authors keep a library of all their own work. Although it can only submit to directories contained within its database, with over 670 directories available, the Submitter will satisfy the requirements of even the most prolific author.
My Favourite Feature:
After playing around with this product over the last month, I have decided my favourite feature is the sheer volume of article directories to choose from and the benefit of having the list updated regularly without any research effort on my part. As a resource for authors this product could very well replace the need for a Virtual Assistant! Well nearly...
How much does it cost?
Submit Suite specialise in products designed to help small business operators and all their products are available for evaluation before you purchase. The Article Submitter is neat, easy to use and is reasonably priced at just $47.00 USD. It would quickly pay for itself in regards to its time-saving capacity alone. Article Submitter can be submitting your recent articles while you are busy writing new ones! Benefits are greatest for those who need it only for submitting their own articles. If you need to submit articles by several authors, then keep an eye out for future versions.
Happy writing everyone!

About the Author
Article by Sarah Parker (BA. Comm), Virtual Assistant for Jordan Consulting Group.


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   Greetings Readers!

It's been an exciting few weeks here at Search Engine College. After months of searching for the perfect affiliate software that did everything we wanted it to, we have launched the brand new Search Engine College Affiliate Program.
We chose JROX Affiliate Manager software (JAM) for the job after hearing good things about it and reading reviews on Tucows etc. We've spent the past few weeks integrating it into our site, testing, tweaking and testing some more and it's finally ready!
Why JAM? Well mainly because it's a super powerful affiliate program that includes follow up marketing tools and because it integrates with both PayPal and our 3rd party payment gateway 2Checkout. The features of JAM are pretty impressive, as are their groovy 3d Flash-based graphs and charts displaying affiliate referrals and commissions. So what's on offer in our affiliate program? Scroll to the bottom of this newsletter to learn more.
Speaking of great software, my Virtual Assistant Sarah has been playing with FastLink2's Article Submitter, which is a software package designed to take the headache out of submitting articles to hundreds of directories and ezines for syndication. For our feature article this month, Sarah's written a review of her experience with Article Submitter.

Enjoy this issue and remember to visit my blog to check out my daily answers to frequently asked search engine questions or submit one of your own.
Till next time - wishing you clicks and conversions...

  • FAQ1: Why won't Google index my web page?
  •    Dear Kalena...
    Hi, I ran across your blog while searching for help, and I'm wondering if you could answer a question. I made a web page for my wife's photography biz ( Google last crawled the index page on Oct 29, 2006. I've done some major overhauling to help with search terms, aesthetics, etc.
    The site has Flash, but I've run it through a text browser (Lynx) and everything seems to display okay. I've submitted a sitemap, verified through Google. What do I have to do to get Google to go back and re- index the index page?

    Dear Michael
    I've had a look today and the site was last indexed by Googlebot on 13 March so it is being indexed. But I doubt it will rank very well for target keywords. Why? Because apparently your "overhaul" included retro spam tactics that go directly against Google's Webmaster Guidelines!
    What on earth made you think that stuffing a web page full of keywords would make it more attractive to search engines or users? Those paragraphs of meaningless keywords at the bottom of the page will do absolutely nothing except attract red flags and ranking penalties from Google, not to mention distracting visitors from your wife's lovely photography.
    If you want the site to be taken seriously by both search engines and visitors, I strongly suggest ditching those out-dated spam tactics. Replace them with a paragraph or two of appealing, descriptive text about your wife's photography. You'll find that many of your target keywords will be integrated into the copy naturally, without becoming meaningless, repetitive drivel.
    Meanwhile, thanks for providing our Retro Spam Tactic of the Week!

  • FAQ2: Why does my site rank in MSN and Yahoo but not Google?
  •    Dear Kalena...
    My web site appears for some keywords in MSN and Yahoo in the first page itself, but not for the same in Google. What is the reason?
    Webmaster Naren

    Dear Naren
    Simple. Your site has no link popularity and zero PageRank right now. Is it less than 9 months old? If so, then the site is probably still suffering from the Google Aging Delay. Even if it isn't, then you'd better work on your link popularity pronto.

  • FAQ3: Can you give advice to an SEO beginner?
  •    Dear Kalena...
    I am glad to know you as one of the SEO Consultants, I am SEO beginner and want to learn more tips on seo.
    I want you to suggest, comment or whatever advice to improve my learnings in SEO, please see my website and please comment and suggest.

    Dear Cartujano
    In terms of learning SEO, there are almost unlimited resources. You can read articles, blogs, forums, e- books and sites about the subject and here is a good starting point for those. You should also practise and tweak your skills as much as possible on as many web sites as you can.
    If you are interested in training options, you can take a course such as those we offer at Search Engine College. David Temple has authored a very detailed article about the various Search Marketing Training options available which will be appearing in the next issue of Search Marketing Standard magazine, so make sure you catch that.
    With regards to your site, I'm sorry but I don't provide free site assessments. These are available via my hourly consulting rates (contact me for more details). What I will say is that any site that has a META refresh embedded in the home page and a pop-up ad on the redirect page is more than likely going to send a big red flag to search engines.

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