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Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization

Can You Optimize Your Own Site?

To optimize your own web site and boost your site's ranking on internet search engines, you must know exactly the right search terms to target, the correct META tag design techniques, how to re-write your web site copy to include keywords, keep track of current search engine ranking algorithms, know exactly what format to submit your site in to every search engine or directory and what NOT to do in order to avoid ranking penalties.  


You also need to know whether your site is technically compatible with search engine robots, what types of pages the engines will accept and which will be barriers to ranking, plus what sort of overall “relevancy score” your site will receive from each search engine you submit to.

Not only that, but once you’re ranking highly, you have to monitor your progress and adjust your meta tags every now and then to ensure your search engine placement is above your competitors on all internet search engines and directories for your target search keywords.





You also have to be willing to monitor the constant changes in the search engine industry by subscribing to newsletters, visiting forums and reading articles. 


These are all crucial steps to a high ranking, but VERY time consuming and not your core business! If you have a real passion for geeky, tech stuff, an understanding of HTML, plenty of time on your hands to learn, money for promotional software and if you're in no hurry for traffic, then by all means, teach yourself search engine optimization and learn how to optimize your own site. It's a fascinating industry and there are plenty of links on this site to search engine resources to get you started. You can even take a SEO 101 Course from Search Engine College.


But be warned: you will not become a SEO overnight. It takes many months of absorbing info, testing what works, making mistakes and monitoring changes before you understand what you're doing. You may then find that the results aren't as good as you'd hoped for. You may also make mistakes along the way that can cause your site to be penalized or even banned by search engines. Many webmasters just don't have the time or inclination to learn SEO, don't want the worry of making errors, don't have the in-house budget for the software required, or they simply need traffic, FAST.

Outsourcing Your SEO Can Be More Cost-Effective

As you are probably starting to realize, outsourcing your search engine optimization to a professional firm can often be more cost-effective than attempting it in-house. However there has always been a kind of skepticism when it comes to hiring search engine promotion companies, mainly because of the early "cowboy" SEO companies who used unethical techniques and spammed the search engines with junk content. There is an interesting article about hiring SEO firms, written by Marketing Sherpa, titled: Five Myths That Stop Companies From Hiring Search Engine Optimization Experts They Desperately Need.

Our own SEO company Web Rank Ltd and other specialist firms employs experienced website promotion specialists in the area of internet marketing and SEO, whose full-time role is to place clients high in the search engines and keep them there. Our own highly respected staff have developed very successful and ethical search engine positioning techniques over the past 5 years and have a proven track record of excellent results and satisfied clients. We even offer a money back satisfaction guarantee. 

If you'd like us to have a look at your site's search engine compatibility and provide an obligation-free quotation to optimize your site, please Click Here.  



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