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Danny Sullivan, Editor - Search Engine Watch"I'd recommend reading The Search Light by Kalena Jordan, one of the speakers at the [Search Engine Strategies] conference and a close watcher of all things search..."

Danny Sullivan, Editor - Search Engine Watch

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The Search Light Subscriber Feedback

Hello Kalena,

Just a quick note to acknowledge the fact that your "thank you for subscribing" note is the BEST I've seen yet. VERY, Very well done !!!

Dan Porteous
Startup Internet Marketing

Hi Kal

Great newsletter!! Really excellent!

Chris Dimmock
Cogentis Internet Positioning Services

Hi Kalena,

I found your article on "How To Get Your Web Site Content Syndicated" extremely useful. We've used it to set up our own RSS feed at

Brian Alt 

Some great stuff coming from your neck of the woods the past several weeks. It's MUCH appreciated. Thanks to you and your team for all the hard work. You've become one of my daily resources for info...

All the Best to you,

Kimberly K. Krause
SEO/UI/Usability Consultant 

Hi Kalena,

Loved the article! I even set up my own RSS to test out your tutorial. Good stuff.

Robert Clough
Search Engine Guide 

Hello Kalena,

When visiting your site today, I was impressed with the articles and tutorials that you have authored...


Michael Bloch
Team eDevCafe

Hello, Kalena ... 

This is just a note to say that I found your  "thank you for subscribing" message to be rather refreshing. I opt for "text" in newsletters, as a rule, because for some reason I can't explain I don't care to receive website-looking stuff. But I did like your "welcome" page. And if your newsletter looks more or less like that, then it will be okay with me.

Elizabeth Adams

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