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Pay Per Click Keyword Bid Management Software

Kalena's Bid Management Software Recommendations:

If you are at all serious about promoting your web site online, you'll know how useful pay per click search engine advertising on sites such as AdWords, Overture, Kanoodle, FindWhat and eSpotting can be.

Disadvantages of Using Pay Per Click Search Engines 

The main drawbacks to advertising on pay per click (PPC) search engines to date 
have been:
a)       The quick exhaustion of funds due to large traffic volume
b)       The time consuming nature of bid rank analysis for multiple 
c)       The impact of bid gaps on cost-effectiveness (when your bid is 
     more than it needs to be to maintain your target rank). 

When you are managing Pay Per Click search engine campaigns for hundreds of keyword sets for multiple client sites, these problems are compounded. Fortunately, pay per click keyword bid management software has sprung up to help people 
manage their PPC campaigns and automate the bidding process.

 BidRank pay-per-click management software

Without a doubt, the best software available is BidRank (and I should know, I've 
tried them all!). View my Pay Per Click Bid Management Software Showdown article. BidRank was previously known as BidRight.

Using BidRank, we can manage your Pay Per Click search engine campaign very cost effectively. Here's how it works:

BidRank Version 2.11 Features:

Automated Bidding

BidRank's primary feature is its automated bidding ability.  This not only keeps you on top of your competition, it saves you valuable time.

You have the option to have BidRank begin the bidding process for all your keyword listings either manually by clicking one of the run options or automatically in timed intervals.

BidRank can automate bidding in intervals as far apart as 24 hours and 59 minutes to as often as every 60 seconds (6 changes per day on Overture).

BidRank allows you to customize the automated timed intervals for each individual keyword listing.  This ability allows you to give priority to your most competitive keyword listings by having them update more frequently than your lesser priority keyword listings.

Target Rank

BidRank allows you to set the target rank for each individual keyword listing.  You want to always be #1?  No problem.  By combining a target rank of "1" and a one minute interval, you will always stay on top.

Maximum Bid

BidRank allows you to set a maximum bid for each individual keyword listing.  This maximum bid is the final rule in regards to changing your bid amount.  BidRank will never raise your bid higher than your maximum bid regardless of the target rank chosen.  

Multiple Accounts

Do you use multiple Overture accounts?  Maybe you manage several different accounts for other people.  No problem.  BidRank allows you to assign account parameters for each individual keyword listing.

Gap Surfing

BidRank's "Gap Surfing" gives you the most bang for your buck.  BidRank finds the "smartest" position from a range of ranks that you predetermine.  How does it do this?  By finding the "Gap" and bidding one cent above the lower position.

Let's look at an example:

Here are the current top five listings:

1   $1.17 
2   $1.16 
3   $0.82 
4   $0.80 
5   $0.79 

You have decided,

"I want to be in the top five"

No problem.

In BidRank, choose #1 as the target rank.
Enable "Gap Surfing".
Choose Rank Range of "1-5".

BidRank finds the biggest "Gap" in the Rank Range you chose.  The biggest 
"Gap" is between rank 2 and 3 ($1.16 and $0.82).  BidRank "Gap Surfing" will 
automatically bid one cent above the bottom end of the "Gap".

Let's see how the top five listings look now after BidRank has started you 
"Gap Surfing":

1  $1.17 
2  $1.16
3  $0.83  YOUR BID!
4  $0.82 
5  $0.80 

You're Gap Surfing Dude!

Click below for a Free Demo of
BidRank pay-per-click management software
BidRank Pay Per Click PPC Bid Management Software

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If you don't have the time or experience to manage your own Pay Per Click search engine campaign, it makes sense to outsource it to the experts. Just contact us for an obligation-free quote to set up and manage a pay per click campaign on your behalf. Click here to learn more about Pay Per Click Campaigns.


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