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Search Engine / Directory Indexing Times

Once your site has been submitted to search engines and directories, you must be patient! Keep in mind that search engines can take anywhere between one and 12 weeks to list your site, so you may not notice ranking improvements for a few weeks.

Below is a table of approximate indexing times for the major engines and directories:

Search Engine / Directory Time to Index
Yahoo 4-6 weeks (7 days if using Express Submission)
Google 2-5 weeks
Direct Hit 8-10 weeks
Fast / All The Web 9-12 days
AltaVista 4-6 weeks (faster if using Express Inclusion)
Netscape 2-3 weeks
HotBot / AOL 1-3 weeks 
Inktomi 1-3 weeks (faster if using Search Submit Inclusion)
Lycos 6-8 weeks (faster if using InSite Select Inclusion)
Open Directory  2 weeks to several months
Looksmart / MSN 7 days (must use LookListings)


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