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Search Engine Submission

Following optimization, (once the revised site is live), all of your site’s main pages that contain the meta tags need to be manually submitted to search engines (up to 150 worldwide and local). Search engine submission is one of THE most important things you can do to promote your site. Search engines continue to be the number one way people find what they’re looking for on the Internet. Failing to submit URL with the most popular search engines is like the “kiss of death” in cyberspace.


Your website registration should always include the Top 11 international search engines and directories.  They include:



Fast / All The Web

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It is estimated that combined, the Top 11 search engines receive up to 90% of all search traffic.

Alta Vista




AOL Search

Open Directory



Depending on your target markets, you should also consider submitting your site to other international regional search engines and directories.

In our opinion, there is no better way to jump start traffic to your web site than URL submission to the Top Eleven listed above.

If you're not familiar with the submission process, you should leave the submission of your site to directories such as Yahoo, Open Directory and LookSmart to experts. Why? Because the way you submit your site to these directories can make or break their editorial review of your site and your ultimate ranking. SEO companies generally have a lot of experience choosing the right category for your site and wording your site description to include as many keywords as possible while avoiding the possibility of editorial trimming. Like to have your site submitted to directories by an expert SEO firm? Click Here for more information.

You may have heard about companies that use web site submission software that bulk submits to engines, however most search engines recognize this automated software and so can ignore web site submissions, or worse, ban future URL submissions from your site. Another disadvantage with web site submission software is that you don’t have control over your site descriptions and can’t optimize each submission for each search engine.  You should always use a manual process to avoid this.





To ensure up to date listings, your site rankings should be monitored each month and where there is a significant drop in rankings, you should tweak your optimized pages to compensate. If by chance your URL has disappeared from a search engine's index, your site should be manually re-submitted to the relevant search engine or directory. You should do this very carefully, so as not to cause your site any ranking penalties from over-submission.

Need more information on having your site submitted to search engines by the experts? Click Here to submit an enquiry.


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