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The Search Light Newsletter - Vol. 2 Issue #3


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20 March 2002                        Vol. 2 Issue # 3       

Editor : Kalena Jordan, CEO, Web Rank Ltd


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Search Engine Strategies Conference Heading For Sydney
Web Position Launches WPG v2.0 BETA
HotBot Removes Free Add URL Option
Article Criticizing SEO Buyer’s Guide Makes Waves
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Hi readers,

As you’re all be aware, link popularity has become an increasingly
important factor in the ranking algorithms of most search engines
these days. Lead by Google and their never ending vision for providing
relevant content, most of the major engines and directories have now
determined that high quality web sites are more likely to attract links
from other high quality web sites and have incorporated this assumption
into the way they determine a site’s ranking for certain search terms.


This means that in order to achieve and maintain high search rankings
for your site, you need to make sure you monitor and improve on your
link popularity whenever you can. But how? Well, seek out sites in your
industry that have good content relevant to your own customers and
add a link to their sites from yours. Conduct a search for high ranking
sites with content relating to or complimenting your own. Next, let the
webmaster of these sites know you have linked to them and ask for a
reciprocal link back to your site. Make sure you are listed in the most
popular search engines because links from these will boost your own
site’s link popularity. Avoid linking to sites of low quality or relevance
(such as link farms, FFA sites and free hosted sites). Monitor your link
popularity and check the quality of other sites linking to you. A handy free
link tool is here:


So why the preamble on link popularity? Well I am on a mission to improve
the link popularity of our Web Rank sites and I need YOUR help.
If you
have benefited from this newsletter in any way, we would appreciate it 
very much if you would consider returning the favour, by placing a visible
link somewhere on your site to


You could link directly to our newsletter archives here: or your
site visitors may benefit from our links to free stuff:

Alternatively, you might like to add one or more of our Internet marketing

articles to your site or client newsletter:
and link to us that way.


However you choose to link to us, we will greatly appreciate your help and
consider adding a reciprocal link to your site in return. Just drop us a line
with your relevant link info.

Now on to this month’s mega issue!

Kalena J


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Interview With Edward Lewis, Creator of The SEO Consultants Directory          
                     by Kalena Jordan


To many, I’m sure the search engine industry is like a wild unchartered territory.
With a horizon changing almost daily, strange algorithms, no agreed laws or
regulations and a reputation for pirates, only the fearless dare venture near.
Oh and us brave explorers, otherwise known as SEO’s (-;


But seriously, it is small wonder that many people are confused when it comes
to search engines and these self-proclaimed Search Engine Optimization experts
or SEO’s. How much do these SEO’s charge? How do they find an SEO in their
area? How do they know what services such SEO’s provide in comparison with
each other? How do they choose one out of the thousands?


Rare publications such as the Buyer’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization
Firms have only recently
sprung up to help provide some type of starting point for persons seeking
professional assistance with their search engine marketing campaigns.


However, a new attempt at mapping out the murky SEO territory is being made
by the upcoming SEO Consultants Directory
The vision of Edward Lewis, self-confessed SEO and owner of,
the SEO Consultants Directory will be a comprehensive list of Search Engine
Optimization firms worldwide, with a detailed overview of the services they provide.
Unlike the Buyer’s Guide however, the Directory will NOT use a grading or rating


With such a brave expedition afoot, I decided to interview Edward about the
task ahead:


Q. What exactly IS the SEO Consultants Directory? 

A. This will be a directory of select search engine optimization consultants and
companies from around the world.


Q. Is there a cost involved to submit to or use the Directory? 


A. No, there is no cost to submit to or utilize the directory. Our goal is to maintain
an advertising and spam free directory. Donations would of course be accepted but
we won't ask for those until we've proven our worthiness!


Q. Who is the Directory targeted at and what do you hope these users will get out
of the Directory? 


A. We are targeting businesses or individuals who are researching a reputable SEO
Firm or Internet Marketing Consultant to fulfil their web site promotion requirements. 
Since we will be offering a consultants profile page, we hope the user will be able to
determine from the results we've presented to them whether it warrants further contact
with the SEO. We are more or less providing a gateway to a select portion of the
SEO community.


Q. Who can be listed in the Directory? 


A. Anyone who can present to us a successful past and current history in promoting
businesses online. We are looking closely at the web sites of those who are
submitting to the directory and are reviewing actual content for correctness and
presentation. This will be more of a community driven directory with editors in place
to keep things in perspective. 


Q. When will the Directory be launched and can SEO's submit to the Directory
before launch? 


A. Our estimated launch date is 06.01.2002. We are accepting submissions at this
time and will be reviewing those prior to our estimated launch date. We've received
just over 100 submissions to date and each time a newsletter such as this makes
mention of the directory, we get another 20 or 30 submissions. We like this pace,
it gives us time to review and refine our criteria for inclusion into the directory.


Q. Can any SEO's submit or do you have a specific selection process? 


A. Anyone can submit at this time. Please keep in mind that we are not accepting
affiliate type sites nor are we going to accept spam of any type. Define spam? You
figure it out. If the site you are submitting for review promotes any sort of blatant
spam strategies, then you most likely will not get listed. I've personally been in this
industry since 1996 and can recognize spam at first glance. I have a neutral stance
on cloaking technologies and only know of a small group of professional cloakers
who would pass muster and make it into the directory. It’s not something that
many advertise and we don't expect it to become a major issue.


Q. How are SEO's categorized within the Directory? Do you use a "Best Practises"
grading system or similar? 


A. Absolutely not! There are no grades. My intention with this directory was to start
off with a few hundred select SEO's from around the world. Results are powered by
the search criteria that the user enters during their initial search. The more information
the user selects, the more refined the results will be. Initially there will be five results
per page. Each result will contain a descriptive title and a 200 word description for
that consultant or company. We are not using any secret technology behind the
scenes. This is a Sequel powered database using .asp. My programmer will be
adding a few twists here and there to ensure that all consultants and companies
get equal rotation in the results. No-one will be able to dominate the listings,
these will be continually rotating. 


Q. As you know, the search engine industry changes weekly, with new SEO's
appearing and existing SEO's changing their services all the time to keep up.
How will you keep the Directory updated?


A. Ah, you touch on an important aspect of this directory. We are going to
provide a user management interface so that consultants and companies can
maintain their listings. We will allow a certain number of edits in any given time
period and those edits are subject to review before going live. We are still working
out the logistics, but it’s the way I want to go. Again, I want this to be a member
driven directory.


Q. What gave you the idea to launch such a Directory? 


A. Oh, there I was one day with some extra cash and decided to go on a domain
spree. I picked up quite a few SEO related domains and
was one of them. I've always had ambitions of developing some sort of network
group and thought to myself, why not SEO? I'm also very displeased with the amount
of junk that populates the SERP's these days when searching for SEO related terms.
There are web sites holding top 20 positions and they really don't deserve to be there.
I also thought this would be a great way to develop a community of professionals
with one more avenue of advertising exposure. Think of the power behind this
directory once the membership is in place and the consultants profile pages are
being indexed. Give that some serious thought!


Q. What do you hope to ultimately achieve by launching this Directory and do you
have any specific plans for its future expansion?


A. My ultimate goal is to develop a close knit community of SEO and Internet
Marketing professionals from around the world. The success of the directory all
depends on the members themselves. If our community grows at a respectable rate, 
we will invest the time and money to make sure that the member’s time is well
invested. Future expansion includes further refinement of the directory and sub
categorization of services offered. We realize there are many aspects to Internet
Marketing and SEO is just one of them.



Our sincere thanks to Edward for his time and we wish him all the best with the
project! If you’d like to submit your SEO site to the directory, just visit:



The above article may be re-published as long as the following paragraph
and URL link are included at the end of the article: 

Kalena Jordan, CEO of Web Rank Ltd, was among the first
search engine optimization experts in Australasia and is
well known and respected in her field. For more of her tips
on search engine ranking and online marketing, please visit:



Google Challenges Overture with PPC Advertising

In a direct challenge to Pay Per Click advertising leader Overture, search
darling Google has launched a Pay Per Click advertising model of their
own. Like their existing model AdWords, Google AdWords Select gives
web site owners the ability to promote their site when particular keyword
or key phrase searches are conducted at Google. Your ads appear on the
right side of results pages in a green “call out” box under the heading
“Sponsored Links”. Your AdWords text ads appear on search result pages
for the keywords you buy, and can be targeted by language and country.

Unlike AdWords, the pricing of Adwords Select is based on the amount you are
prepared to bid for your keyword or phrase and the overall cost is determined
by the number of click-thru’s your ad achieves (regardless of the number of
impressions served). Google positions your ad based on how many users
click on it over time. As a result of Google’s new product launch, Overture
shares dropped 14%. Nothing like competition to shake things up!



Search Engine Strategies Conference Heading For Sydney

In his latest newsletter, Search Engine Watch founder Danny Sullivan has
announced he is finally bringing a Search Engine Strategies Conference to
Australia. Tentatively scheduled for mid June, the Conference will be held
in Sydney and is the first of it’s kind to be held in Australia. These Conferences
have been running in the U.S. and Europe for many years and are widely
acknowledged as the best events of their kind on search engine marketing.


Attendees are provided with information on how to market their web sites
via search engines, as well as advice on how to ensure their sites are search
engine compatible. There are usually two streams to the conference, basic
for those new to search engine promotion and advanced for those of us
familiar with the industry but wanting more detailed analysis. Although no
Conference agenda has been set yet, have a look at the London Conference
agenda to get an idea of topics covered (link provided below)


It is expected that representatives from most of the major international and
local search engines will attend, with panels of search engine experts
and guest speakers from all over the world. Yours truly has been asked to
speak, so I look forward to meeting some of you at the Conference!

Keep an eye out for more details in future newsletters.






WebPosition Launches WPG v2.0 BETA

WebPosition has launched a BETA release of their eagerly awaited WebPosition
Gold v2.0 software. New features include:

- 50 new search engines, including international engines
- ability to run more than one mission at a time
- faster downloads
- reduced disk space
- more customization of reports
- Auto upload reports to web sites
- Improved accuracy




HotBot Removes Free Add URL Option

As of last week, you can no longer submit to HotBot using their free Add URL option.
HotBot has removed the link from their home page and attempts to reach the URL now
result in a 404 error. Rumour has it that owners Terra Lycos will roll out their Lycos
InSite Select paid inclusion program within HotBot shortly.


Currently HotBot uses search results from OpenDirectory, Direct Hit and Inktomi. If a
paid inclusion program is launched, this is likely to change over to Fast results,
similar to the present Lycos model. You can still submit your site into the Inktomi
index via HotBot UK or MSN’s free submit.




Article Criticizing SEO Buyer’s Guide Makes Waves

Just over a week ago, I received an email from Lisa Wehr, founder of OneUpWeb and a
search engine optimization expert. Lisa had written an article severely criticizing the
Marketing Sherpa Buyer’s Guide to SEO, and she decided to email the article to a few
respected search engine optimization firms, including Web Rank.

Now I don’t agree with Lisa’s unsolicited approach to us via email and I certainly don’t
agree with many of her arguments, but I can’t deny she has raised some valid points.
Lisa’s argument can be summed up in the following quote taken from the article:

While a valid idea and something that is sorely needed in this industry, [the Report]
unfortunately displays a slanted perspective and biased research, driven with profits
in mind”.

The way the Buyer’s Guide is marketed can be misleading and I agree with her on this
issue. However I strongly disagree that the Guide shows biased research by non-experts.
Anyone who has read the history of the Guide and the Guide itself knows how careful the
researchers were to ensure the results were as unbiased as possible and reviewed by a
number of experts in the SEO field.

The article has caused quite a stir in SEO circles, with many a heated debate resulting in the
various search engine forums. What’s even more interesting is the fact that accusations
have been made about OneUpWeb’s own SEO methodologies in the process. Some
are saying that IF OneUpWeb were reviewed for inclusion in the Buyer’s Guide, they would
receive a poor grade. Others are saying that because OneUpWeb were originally overlooked
for inclusion by Marketing Sherpa, they must have taken offence and therefore their article
should be dismissed as “sour grapes”.

Relevancy and accuracy of these claims aside, the article has brought to our attention
serious issues with the Buyer’s Guide, which Marketing Sherpa will no doubt be forced
to address in future versions.

More : (read Lisa’s article in full from here)



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Making Frames-Based Sites Spider Friendly


Web Rank answers your search engine questions.
Please submit your FAQ's


From: Tina Sneddon


Is it true that search engines can’t index frames-
based sites? We have 3 sites and they are all in
frames. Re-designing would be very expensive but
we are not ranking high and I think this is why. Is
there any other way to get listed?




~~~~~~~~~~ Kalena's Response ~~~~~~~~~~


Hi Tina


Aaahh – this old chestnut. It’s true that some search
engines have a problem indexing frames-based
sites. But you can still make sure a frames site is
spidered by the search engines and able to achieve
a high ranking for your target search terms. How?


By tweaking the frames design slightly to ensure it is
compatible with search engine spiders. The major
change you’ll need to make to your site is to create
an optimized No Frames tag that includes keyword-
filled text describing your products and services, as
well as a link to your site map to ensure engines can
reach the rest of your site content and not become


You’ll also need to create an optimized title tag and
META tags for your main frames HTML. An easy to
follow tutorial on how to make a frames-based site
spider friendly is here:


Hope this helps!


Please submit your FAQ



SITE SPOTLIGHT: Worldwide Search Engine Lists


Ever wanted a list of the most popular search engines
worldwide, categorized by country? Web Rank has
put together just such a list, with more countries being
added all the time.

To see the list, simply click here:




Last month we discussed several important topics including:


The 5 Most Common SEO Mistakes
Overture Gets Strict With Advertisers                                 
Northern Light Sold, Yahoo Profits
Yahoo! & MSN Extend Agreement With Overture
Launch of Overture Germany
Lycos Introduces Paid Inclusion Program
BidRight Becomes Overture Approved Tool             
Do Search Engines Index Deep Content?


If you missed these or other key topics, you can find back
issues of The Search Light at:



The information presented in The Search Light has been compiled from
various sources for the benefit of our clients. You should not rely on
the information contained within this newsletter as detailed advice.
No part of this newsletter may be copied without permission from
Web Rank Ltd, the copyright owners 2002.  You may forward this
newsletter, as long as it's kept in its entirety.



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