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9 July 2004

MSN Previews New Search Engine

Microsoft has launched a preview site for their highly anticipated, new algorithmic search engine.

Still under the MSN Search banner, the new search engine has been built using proprietary Microsoft technology and over 1 billion indexed web pages. Features of the engine include a very clean, "Googlesque" interface, no paid or sponsored search results and a link to provide feedback (good or bad) for every search listing.

International searchers have the option of using a preview search tool for results in over 20 different countries. Results appear to be quite fresh and highly relevant, judging by the few searches I conducted. Amusingly, a search for "search engine" produced results for both Yahoo and Google in the top 10, but no sign of MSN.

In launching the sneak peek, Microsoft is seeking feedback from webmasters, SEOs and search enthusiasts.





A feedback form is available and a newsgroup has been setup to discuss the new engine. Detailed FAQs are also available about MSNBot, the prototype Web-crawling robot developed by MSN Search.

Microsoft hopes to use their new engine to take on their major competitors Yahoo and Google in the cut-throat and highly lucrative search market.


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